Welcome to D Company 5th Rangers

D Company was formed by several World War 2 reenactors from the Toledo Ohio area in 2008. Our unit focus is portraying members of the 5th Rangers Infantry Battalion Dog Company during WWII. We use authenic clothing, weapons, drill, and tactics to create the most accurate historical impressions. Many of our members have been reenacting WWII for 10+ years as well as many other time periods. We are part of the Ohio Historical Infantry Organization INC (O.H.I.O. INC)

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We are in contact with the WWII 5th Rangers veterans association where we share information and first hand accounts with what these brave men did.

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Unit History in World War Two:

Camp Forrest was Dog Company 5th Ranger Battalion's first home. They trained there during 1943 learning advanced tactics and endured the hardest most strenuous training the Army had to offer. That would all be put to the test on June 6th 1944. Dog Company came ashore on Dog White Beach under the command of 1st LT Dawson. Under heavy enemy machine gun fire Ellis (Bangalore Bill) Reed and Woody Doorman moved up and slid their Bangalore torpedoes under the barbed wire that blocked the Ranger advance. When the torpedoes blew LT Dawson was able to lead the company up to the bluffs and knock out several German pill boxes. That evening Dog Company set up defensive positions in the town of Verville Sur Mur. (Information and Photos provided courtesy of Tim Torey, Ryan Gray and the 5TH RANGER INFANTRY BATTALION (RS) INC. our parent organization)

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